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Metal Fabrication

Contract manufacturing in metal fabrication offers a comprehensive range of services to shape and customize components. This includes processes like metal forming and rolling for creating uniform structures, along with precise cutting techniques such as shearing, milling, turning, and laser cutting. These services are essential for producing high-quality, detailed metal parts used in various industries, ensuring both precision and efficiency in the production cycle.


Bending up to 16ft. Long with auto back-gagging and crowning to ensure fast repeatable bend with consistent angularity regardless of length. Bending up to  ½” Plate with new 400 Ton x 12Ft. Brake with auto back-gagging.

FMW - Plate Rolling.png


​The fully hydraulic shearing machine, equipped with an automatic back-gauging system, ensures precise and fast cuts. Shearing to ½” carbon plate up to 12Ft. long. 

FMW - Milling & Turning 4.png

Oxy Fuel Cutting

Large 10Ft. X 20 Ft. table enables the processing of large plates as well as multiple standard size plates to maximize material handling efficiency. Full cnc controls provide accurate point to point positioning.

FMW - Laser Cutting.png


Metal fabrication and welding encompass cutting, shaping, and joining metal parts through various techniques. Processes include bending, milling, laser cutting, and diverse welding methods, ensuring strong, precise assemblies for industrial applications.

FMW - Forming.png


Rolling up to ¾” x 10Ft. Using digital readout positioning to ensure fast repeatable geometry in cylinders and cones. Fully hydraulic, independently driven section rolls provide consistent forming in angles, tees, channels and pipe capacities up to 4” x ½” thick angles to tight diameters.

FMW - Shearing.png

Milling & Turning

Powered tool, long bed length (up to 28ft.) lathes offer extremely versatile and efficient turning capacities. Heavy duty milling is accomplished with size 50 V-Flange machines capable of high metal removal rates.

FMW - Oxy Fuelcutting.png

Laser Cutting

Powerful 4KW close tolerance laser cutting of carbon stainless, aluminum and exotic alloys on dual shuttle tables ensures fast part to part processing with minimal shuttling time between sheets.

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